Professor William S. Snyder



Chair Environmental Sciences



Curator MSC Wildlife Museum



107 Bicknell Hall

Office Hours:  MWF @ 11; TR @ 10



School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Morrisville State College



Morrisville, New York 13408



tel: 315-684-6237



Materials for all courses have been moved to Black Board


Fall Semester Courses

Spring Semester Courses


NATR 101 - General Ecology

NATR 250 - Aquatic Ecology

RREN 312 - Aquatic Field Techniques

RREN 421 Geospatial Technology Applications II

NATR 101 - General Ecology

NATR 130 - North American Waterfowl

NATR 232 - Wildlife Ecology and Management

NATR 252 - Fish Ecology and Management

RREN 420 Geospatial Technology Applications I



Academic Programs



Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences A.A.S.



Natural Resource Conservation A.A.S.



Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation A.S.



Renewable Resources Technology B.T.




Student Organizations

Conservation Tri-Society


Conservation Affiliations

NYS DEC Sportsman Education


American Fisheries Society

New York Chapter, American Fisheries Society


The Wildlife Society

New York Chapter, The Wildlife Society