School of Agriculture and Natural Resources


AGSC 135

Spring 2002

Instructor:  Dr. Walid Shayya

Homework Assignment #5
Due Date: April 9, 2002

Solve the following two problems using Excel and submit an electronic copy of your completed Excel file to the instructor via e-mail.  Forward your file (as an attachment) to the instructor at the following e-mail address:  It is also important that you make a printout of each of the completed worksheets and submit a copy to the instructor during the class period of the assignment's due date (i.e., April 9, 2002).  An Excel workbook file that is comprised of two worksheets (one for problem 1 and the other for problem 2) can be obtained from the instructor (you may use this Excel file to get started with your assignment).  Before forwarding your completed file to the instructor via e-mail, be sure to have the it named using your last name and "Ex5" . If the instructor were to submit the assignment, the Excel file will have the following name: "ShayyaEx5.xls".  Please note that you must use cell references and functions (whenever shown in the workbook) to perform calculations.

  1. The following beginning salaries were offered to sixteen agriculture graduates:
    $26,500 $19,900 $31,200 $31,400
    $20,400 $22,400 $22,800 $25,500
    $24,600 $22,600 $24,800 $27,000
    $24,800 $28,400 $23,400 $30,100

    Compute the arithmetic mean, minimum, maximum, range, midrange, median, mode, and standard deviation (the latter using the approaches described in the provided Excel worksheet).

  2. Given the following frequency distribution of the amount of calories in milk with 4% butterfat for a sample of 105 cows:
Calories Frequency
90 up to 100 11
100 up to 110 58
110 up to 120 27
120 up to 130 9



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