School of Agriculture and Natural Resources


AGSC 130

Fall 2000

ArcView Assignment #2 (25 points)

Due Date: Tuesday - November 14, 2000

Using the data provided with the ArcView GIS 3.2 software, develop an ArcView project that includes a view displaying one theme (the counties of the State of New York).  The corresponding name for this theme (i.e., "Counties.shp" file) in the project view should be labeled as  "NY Counties". 

Your project file should be forwarded as a file attachment to the instructor  ( via e-mail.  The subject of the e-mail should read "ArcView Assignment#2".  Your project file (having an extension ".apr") should bear your last name followed by the number 2 as a project name (e.g., my project will be named shayya2).  The project should include the following components:

To receive credit for this assignment, please forward the project to the instructor on or before the stated deadline (i.e., 14 November 2000).  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the instructor at Ext.# 6526, or stop by his office (134 Marshall Hall).

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