School of Agriculture and Natural Resources


AGSC 130

Fall 2000

Assignment #1
Due Date: Tuesday - September 12, 2000

Please respond to the following items on a separate sheet of paper (typed on white paper or neatly handwritten):

  1. Full Name (please indicate the name you want me to call you, e.g., "Frederick" or "Fred").
  2. Student #.
  3. Your local telephone number.
  4. Your e-mail address that you will be using this semester, if you already have one.
  5. The town/city and county that you call your hometown.
  6. Major.
  7. A brief statement (approximately one well-written paragraph) on why you opted to enroll in this course.

Since this is a laptop course and we will be using the computer as a learning/work tool, rate your skills/experience/comfort for each of the following computer tools (please print the page and mark one column with an "x" for each category in the table). If you have any comments or questions, please contact the instructor at the following address:

  None Very Little
Fair Amount
(can use)
Very Good
(if applicable, please specify
which program(s)) 
Word processing
(if applicable, please specify
which program(s)) 
WWW browsers and

Additional comments, questions, or concerns about the course including any other information that you think the instructor should know (please hand-write in the provided space).

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