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Week 15. Course Concluded

gradesDear People: 
The final exams have been graded and final grades have been posted on the grades page. Thanks for taking the course! It was a difficult semester to be sure, but I hope you can still use what you have learned in your future understanding of our place as human beings in our communities and nations, on the planet Earth, and in this great Universe!
Best wishes, Professor Reymers (Dr. K)


You've definitely been ripped off by the Coronavirus from your liminal ritualistic transition between two states of social existence (this is how anthropologist Victor Turner might describe the rite of passage that is graduation!). So, my little part in helping to make that passage is this video, a wonderful commencement speech by author David Foster Wallace. I hope you enjoy it and take some of the lessons with you into your next life!

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Anthropology Quote of the Week:

Keep asking yourself these questions:

Boas"Why are the tribes and nations of the world different, and how have the present differences developed?" - Franz Boas, 1907


Optional Bonus
Online Media B2:
Life Without Chiefs by Marvin Harris

OM9 Optional Bonus
Online Media B1:

Reciprocity and the Power of Giving, by Lee Cronk

Online Media 10:
Secrets Of A Maya Supermom, NPR News, 2019

Speaking in Tongues

Online Media 9:
Speaking in Tongues, Episodes
1, 2, 3, 4, 5(YouTube, 2009, Syncopated Prod.)


Online Media 8:
Eating Christmas in the Kalahari, by Richard Lee (1969)
Shakespeare in the Bush, by Laura Bohannan (1966)


Online Media 7:
Guns, Germs and Steel, Part 1,
feat. Jared Diamond
(Source: National Geographic, 2005)

April 3 5pm


Online Media 6:
Video of the archaeology of the Fremont Indians by Time Team America (YouTube, 2014)

Mar 13 5pm


Online Media 5:
Examine website at
"Understanding Race" (American Anthropological Association, 2016)

Mar 6 5pm


Online Media 4:
In Search of Human Origins (1999, 69 min, Discovery Channel)

Feb 21 5pm


Online Media 3:
Watch PBS NOVA's"Becoming Human, Part III"
(YouTube, ~52 min, 2014)

Feb 14 5pm


Online Media 2:
Watch this video about The Evolution of Shape
(2014, ~45 min)

Feb 7 5pm


Online Media 1: Macat's "Introduction to Anthropology"(mostly about cultural anthropology) -- See questions and instructions to the left

DUE FRIDAY Jan 31 5pm


Remember: Each week you should, at minimum, complete the following objectives:

  1. Read the assigned textbook chapter and review the course notes online
  2. Complete the week's chapter quiz between Tues 9am - Thurs 9pm (See the Quizzes and Exams folder on Blackboard -- note, there was no quiz in the first week)
  3. Complete a Discussion Post for the week (see the Discussions area on Blackboard)
  4. Complete the Online Media (ANTH#) for the week before Friday 5pm (no exceptions!) on the course website (below)

At certain times during the semester you will also have writing assignments and longer exams. These are marked on the course schedule and bear a large part of the course grade, so be prepared for these assignments/exams as well.

The Four Fields (Chapter 1)
Evolution & Genetics (Chapter 2)
(sorry, the video series is on hold for the moment,
until I find more time to record and edit...)

Posting to the Discussion Board (on Blackboard):

You should be actively posting weekly to the Discussion Board so as to add to your participation score for the course. Here is how to add a discussion postThe "Discussions" can be found using the links on the left side of the Blackboard page; click that link and then click on the title of the Discussion to which you want to add a comment or reply. You'll see a page of posts with the other student's names; to add to it, click on "Create Thread".

Online Media have concluded

Recommended readings:

Endangered Cultures:



Domestication and Civilization


Human Variation

Human Evolution

Evolution - General



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