Fall 2020
360: Social Movements
Course Schedule v.2

Professor Kurt Reymers, Ph.D.
web: http://sociology.morrisville.edu

Note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change; changes to the original schedule will be noted in red.

Week 1: Introduction to Sociology and Social Movements

Aug 24-25
Familarize yourself with the syllabus and course schedule and outline; understand your responsibilities for successfully completing this course.

Aug 26-27
1.1) Read Chp 21, Introduction to Sociology, Social Movements (click ‘Next’ on each page to read entire chapter)
1.2) Watch Social Movements: A Primer (Chow, Youtube, 19 min)
1.3) Watch Lee, The Four Types of Social Movements (2018, YouTube, 7 min)

Aug 28-29
Complete homework assignment 360A1

Week 2: What are NOT social movements? Witch Hunts and Moral Panics

Aug 31-Sept 1
2.1) Read Locher, Chp 1, What is Collective Behavior?
2.2) Read Locher, Chp 2, Social Contagion Theory 

Sept 2-3
2.4) Watch Lamb, New Media and Moral Panics (2012, YouTube, 4 min)
2.3) Watch Baker, The Cycle of Moral Panics (2014, YouTube, 3 min)
2.5) Watch Cook, Moral Panics: An Introduction (2019, YouTube, 35 min)

Sept 4-5
Complete homework assignment 360A2
Complete Quiz 1

□ Week 3: An Economic Theory, the Labor Movement and Unionization, 19th century

Sept 7-8
3.1) Read Locher, Chp 4, Value-Added Theory
Recommended reading (but not required): Edwards, Chp 2, From the mad to the sane

Sept 9-10
3.2) Read Marx & Engels, The Communist Manifesto (orig. 1847, SquashedEditions, 20 min read)
3.3) Watch The Workers’ Rights Revolution (‘It's History’, 2015, YouTube, 10 min)
3.4) Watch The History of Workers’ Rights (City Rising, 2019, YouTube, 14 min)  

Sept 11-13
Complete homework assignment 360A3

□ Week 4: Emergent Norms and Women’s Suffrage, Part 1

Sept 14-15
4.1) Read Locher, Chp 3, Emergent Norm Theory

Sept 16-17
4.2) Read History.com Women's Suffrage
4.3) Watch Greene, Crash Course in US History: Women’s Suffrage
4.4) Watch excerpts, Iron-Jawed Angels
                  a) Movie Trailer (2:15)
                  b) White House Parade scene (4:39)
                  d) Actual footage of the parade (4:28)
                  c) Force-feeding scene (violence warning) (4:47)
                  d) Iron Jawed Angels Analysis video (4:20)
(Recommended, not required: whole movie here)

Music Interpretation 1 due Thursday Sept 17

Sept 18-20
Complete homework assignment 360A4

Week 5: Mass Movements of the mid-20th century - Totalitarianism: Hitler & Stalin

Sept 21-22
5.1) Read Schaeffer, Social Movements and Global Social Change, Chp 1
5.2) Read Mass Society Theory from Wiley Online Library
5.3) Read Italy Under Mussolini

Sept 23-24
5.4) Watch: The Path to Nazi Genocide, US Holocaust Museum (40 min)
5.5) Watch: The tragedy of this American moment: Populism, elites, and the 2020 election, BigThink (8 min)
5.6) Watch: Why Socrates Hated Democracy, The School of Life (4 min)

Sept 25-27
Research Paper Concept Map due Friday Sept 25
Complete homework assignment 360A5
Complete Quiz 2 (on Blackboard) - CAN NOW TAKE THE QUIZ TWICE
Complete Discussion post (on Blackboard) by Sunday

Week 6: Review and Exam 1
              Sept 27-28

              6.1) Read Locher, Chp 13, Social Movements

              Sept 29-Oct 1

                    Click here for a Review Sheet for Exam 1
                    * Take Exam 1 - available Tues Sept 29 9am - Thurs Oct 1 9pm on Blackboard

              No other assignments due this week.

Week 7: The 50s and 60s: Resource Mobilization and Civil Rights, Part 1

          Oct 5-6
          7.1) Read Resource Mobilization Theory, (Edwards & Gillham, 2013)
          7.2) Read Social Movements and Protest, Chapter 3, Resource Mobilization & Networks (2014)
          Oct 7-8
7.3) Read Civil Rights Movement Timeline, History.com (2020)
          7.4) Watch Crash Course in U.S. History: Civil Rights and the 1950s (Crash Course, 2014, 15 min)
          7.5) Watch History of the Civil Rights Movement, (WatchMojo.com, 2011 5 min)

Oct 9-10
Complete homework assignment 360A7
Complete Discussion post (on Blackboard) by Sunday


Week 8  
The 60s and 70s:
The Women’s Rights Movement, Part 2-The Return of Feminism

Oct 12-13
9.1) Read The Symbolic Dimensions of Collective Action, DellaPorta Chp 3, p.64-73
9.2) Read What was the Second Wave Feminist Movement? DailyHistory.org
9.3) Watch Origins of Second-Wave Feminism, Columbia Univ. (6:30 min)

Oct 14-15
9.4) Watch The feminist and civil rights movements: Two fights for equality in the 1960’s, Brookings Institution (2:30 min)
9.5) Read Third Wave Feminism, ThoughtCo
9.6) Watch Naomi Wolf: Third Wave Feminism (BigThink, 5 min)

Oct 16-17
Complete homework assignment 360A8
Music Interpretation 2 due Fri Oct 16
Complete Discussion post (on Blackboard) by Sunday


Week 9: The 60s and 70s: The Anti-Vietnam War Movement

Oct 19-20
8.1) Read Edwards, Chapter 4 pgs 77-91, on Political Process Theory (PPT)
8.2) Read Vietnam War Protests, History.com (2020)

Oct 21-22
8.3) Watch Making Sense of the Sixties, (YouTube, 2010)
8.4) Read Ten years since the biggest anti-war protest in history (GreenLeft, 2013)

Oct 23-24
Complete homework assignment 360A9
Complete Discussion post (on Blackboard) by Sunday             

Research Paper Outline and Citation Sources
Friday Oct 23 30

Week 10: Cultural Framing and the Environmental Movement

Oct 26-27
10.1) Read Edwards, Chapter 4 pgs 92-105, on Media Framing Theory / Contentious Politics
10.2) Read Castells, The Power of Identity, Chp 3, The Environmental Movement 
Recommended, not required: DellaPorta (2006) on Framing

Oct 28-29
10.3) Watch People's Climate Movement: How the First Earth Day Started a Movement (People's Climate March, 2017)
10.4) Watch When The Earth Moves (Outrider Fdn., 2020)

Oct 30-31
Complete homework assignment 360A10
Complete Quiz 3, due Sunday (midnight)
Complete Discussion post (on Blackboard) by Sunday

Research Paper Outline and Citation Sources due Friday Oct 23 30


Week 11:Let's take a break, breathe, and work on catching up (or even get ahead).

Amnesty Week: get late work in by Nov 7.

Nov 2-3

Nov 4-6   
1. Get late work in now.
2. Do Music Interpretation 3.

3. Get to work on your research paper.

Nov 7
Chill, again.

□ Week 12: Identity Rights Movements: BLM (Civil Rights) & #MeToo (4th wave feminism)

Nov 9, 10
Fourth Wave Civil Rights: #BlackLivesMatter
11.1) Read Chase (2018), The Early History of the Black Lives Matter Movement -- pgs. 1091-1102 (sections I and II), Nevada Law Review
11.2) Read Hartigan interview (July 2020), She co-founded Black Lives Matter. Here’s why she’s so hopeful for the future, National Geographic
11.3) Read Illing (July 2020), How Black Lives Matter fits into the long history of American radicalism, Vox
11.4) Peruse the BLM website BlackLivesMatter.com, primary source

Nov 11, 12
Fourth Wave Feminism: #MeToo
11.5) Read Ohlheiser (2017), The woman behind ‘Me Too’ knew the power of the phrase when she created it — 10 years ago, Washington Post
11.6) Read N.A. (Sept 2020), #MeToo: A timeline of events, Chicago Tribune
11.7) Peruse the #MeToo movement website, metoomvmt.org, primary source

Nov 13, 14
Music Interpretation 3 due Thursday Nov 12
Complete homework assignment 360A12 by Sunday

Week 13: Racial Supremacy, Nationalist, and Conservative/Reactionary Movements

Nov 16, 17
12.1) Read Castells (1998), The Power of Identity, Chp 3, The Patriot Movement
12.2) Watch Now This (2020), Neo-Nazis Clash with Antifa Resistance During D.C. March (YouTube, 4 min)
12.3) Peruse The Patriot Movement website, thepatriotmovement.com (WARNING: False Information and Conspiracy Theory ahead!)

Nov 18, 19
12.4) Read Giglio (The Atlantic, April 2020), A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans
12.5) Watch Reich (2019), Nationalism vs. Patriotism (YouTube, 4 min)
12.6) Read Weinstein (2010), On the Progress-Regress Cycle (Social Change 3rd ed)

Research Paper Rough Draft extended - now due Nov 19

Nov 20, 21
Complete homework assignment 360A13 by Sunday
Complete Quiz 4 due Sunday (midnight)
Complete Discussion post (on Blackboard) by Sunday

Nov 23-27 Thanksgiving Break  

Week 14: Review for Final Exam

Nov 30, Dec 1
14.1) Read Locher textbook Chp 14, Understanding Social Movements
14.2) Watch: Khan Academy, Social Movements – review notes, prep for final

Dec 2 - 5
Music Interpretation 4
due Thursday Dec 3
Research Paper Final Draft due Sunday Dec 6 end of day

Week 15:  FINAL EXAM on Blackboard
Accessible any time Monday Dec 7, 9am - Wednesday Dec 9, 9pm.