The Syracuse James Joyce Club

The James Joyce Club is made up of people interested in James Joyce's works, as well as his life and times. The main focus of the Syracuse Club's activities is Joyce's "Ulysses." At club meetings, members read and progress through Ulysses, usually covering a dozen or so pages, and then discussing salient and obscure aspects of the prose. The meetings are held at different locations in the Syracuse area. If you would like to join us for a meeting, please feel free to contact club president Marian Stanton or vice president Ann Mullin

If you would like to join the Syracuse James Joyce Club, dues are $12.00 a year. If your busy lifestyle precludes your participation at fortnightly meetings, you are still very welcome to join the club, receive the club newsletter, and particpate in Bloomsday activities as a reader and/or audience member.

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