- The Syracuse James Joyce Club -
Bloomsday 2005 Celebration
Thursday, June 16th, 2005,
at Johnston's BallyBay Pub, Syracuse, NY
Marion Stanton, & Burton Thomas, Executive Producers

Syracuse James Joyce Club President Paul Dunn opening
Bloomsday Festivities, greeting particpants and audience members.

I. The Telemachiad

"Telemachus" - Hugh Humphreys, Don Vanouse, Jeanne Roman, Robert Emmet Long,
Sandra Clarke, and Mary Vanouse.

"Nestor" - The Media Unit

"Nestor" - The Media Unit

"Nestor" - The Media Unit

"Proteus" - Anne "Jigger" Roth, Paul Dunn, and Ruth Florey.

II. The Wanderings of Ulysses

"Calypso" - Don Vanouse, Hugh Humphreys, and Marian Stanton.

"Lotus Eaters" - Mickey Mahon, Deborah Thorna, Bill Bowen, and David Keith.

"Hades" - David Colegrove, Richard Long, and John McCarthy.

"Aoelus" - Mary McGreal. Bill Normoyle, and Mike Murphy.

"Sirens" - Burton Thomas, Barbara Sprafkin, and David Keith.

"Oxen of the Sun" - Dennis Heaphy, Nancy Duffy, Marty Farrell,
Sheila Shattuck, and Diana Brownlie.

"Nausicaa" - Carol Radin, Bill Bowen, Tony Annunziata,
Ann Mullin, and Marian Stanton (offstage).

"Circe" - Hugh Humphreys, Bill Bowen, Helen Reed, Ron Ferguson, Mike Loudis,
Erin Bettinger, Patrick Tanner, and Joan Bowen (offstage).

III. The Homecoming

"Eumaus" - Heidi Ravven, Ruth Mizuruchi, Geraldine deBerly, Marion Stanton, and Allen Manning,

"Penelope" - , Ruth Mizruchi, Kay O. Ellis, Eileen O'Connell, Anne Murphy,
Geraldine deBerly, Marion Stanton, Margaret Sullivan..

James Joyce Scholarship Presentations

Sponsored by:

John F. X. Manion Charitable Fund
John F. X. Mannion, Chairman, and,

LeMoyne College Enrollment Management,
Dennis DePerro, Vice President.

Introduction by Michael J. Loudis, Scholarship Committee,
standing in for Basil Dillon-Malone,
James Joyce Scholarship Fund Chair.

First Prize, College Essay
Kathleen O'Neil, McGill University, Montreal,
for her essay "How Can We Know the Dancer from the Dance."
Tom McGill, standing in for his daughter Kathleen, accepts award from
Denny Nicholson, Director of Admissions, Lemoyne College.

First Joint 1st Prize, College Short Story,
Sharon Crapo, SUNY-ESF, (Camera Shy),
for her short story "Crash"

First Joint 1st Prize, College Short Story,
Hannah Kozik, Marlboro College,
for her short story "Twighlight"

1st Prize, High School Essay,
Allison Vanouse, Oswego High School,
for her essay "Silent Reflection: Chiasmatic Symmetry in Joyce's Portrait."
Mary Vanouse, standing in for her daughter Allison,
accepts award from John F. X. Mannion, of the John F. X. Mannion Charitable Fund.

2nd Prize, High School Essay,
Samanth Harmon, East Syracuse-Minoa HS
for her Essay. "Integritas, Consonantia, Claritas [Portrait]."
Ms. Harmon accepts award from Denny Nicholson, Director of Admissions, Lemoyne College.

.....Another Wonderful Bloomsday!"

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