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Saturday, June 16, will see the 25th time the Syracuse James Joyce Club present its reading from James Joyce’s Ulysses, deemed by many to be the best, most important novel of the 20th century, according to an announcement today by SJJC president Marian Stanton. But don’t take that pronouncement on faith, she says. Come by from 2:30 until 10, mostly at Nibsy’s at 201 Ulster Street in Syracuse, for the nearly day-long reading from Joyce’s masterly tale of a day in the life of Leopold Bloom, Dublin Jew and hero of Joyce’s masterly work.

And just to change it up a bit for the occasion, the Joyce Club members are presenting two episodes “on location”—the first, Telemachus,” set at the Martello Tower in Dublin Harbor, will be at the Water Tower in Thornden Park at 3 p.m., and the second, Proteus, set at Sandymount Shore on Dublin Bay, will be at Willow Bay on Onondaga Lake in Liverpool at 4:30. To make it easy to get there, car pooling will leave from Nibsy’s parking lot, across from the restaurant, at 2:30 and will return there for the readings of four more episodes, to take place from 6 until 10 p.m. concluding with Penelope, starting at 9 (one of the episodes which got the novel banned in the United States in 1933).

From its founding by Richard Long and eight friends in a James Street apartment on January 13, 1994, the anniversary of Joyce’s death in Zurich in 1941, to the present, the Syracuse James Joyce Club has joined a few dozen similar organizations throughout the world to observe and commemorate the day, June 16, 1904, that Joyce first “walked out” with Nora Barnacle, his life companion and later wife. It became the day of the novel’s setting, and countless details throughout the day recollect it.

Syracuse Joyceans invite the community to join them for their 25th Bloomsday celebration. Joe Mullen of Nibsy’s has planned a special menu which will be available upstairs at Nibsy’s from 6 p.m. Bar service will also be available throughout the day.

Anyone with any questions is invited to call Marian Stanton at 315-593-9697 for more information.

The Syracuse James Joyce Club currently has eighty-eight members. With fortnightly meetings, it is one of the most active James Joyce clubs among 55 globally. Although there were nine people present at the founding meeting on the anniversary of Joyce's death, January 13th, 1994, it was founded by a 'father and son' team, well, in the metaphorical sense of Stephen Dedalus and his spiritual father and faithful friend, Leopold Bloom! The 'father' was Dick Long, a former Washington DC and Syracuse newspaperman, writer and TV producer. The 'son' part of the 'family' is Tom Lavoie. When he worked at Syracuse University Press, it was Tom's gentle, scholarly manner that led the neophytes through the beginning of Ulysses.

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