Civil Air Patrol Days
1971 - 1974
Forest Hills Squadron, Queens Group, NY Wing

Presentation of Colors, Queens Group at Flushing Amory.

Queens Group Cadet Corps at Parade Rest.
(Forest Hills Squadron on left.)

Queens Group Precision Drill Team.

Queens Group Commander Robert P. Bartlett pinning new officer
rank on Bill Mays.

The Group Commander placing a Group Commendation Braid
on Denise Lister; Jerry Krack on left.

Lt. David Porter, Capt. Gary Mayo, Lt. Jerry Krack being promoted.

"Mayo's Marauders" on Patrol.
Forest Hills Squadron Cadets on Bear Mountain.

...with Wes Sordyl & Lt. Jerry Krack surveying the terrain.

A Cadet Airman's Revenge.....
....sitting on the smoking chimney of the squadron commander's shelter.
(Note: An airman attempting this should be capable of LOTS of pushups.)

Me, at start of rappel off of a rockface.
(In 1973, Real Men didn't wear protective headgear.)

"...Does anyone know what CAP form we are to fill out if a cadet
doesn't make it down in one piece???"

Dave Porter, Mike Fennell & I starting the campfire
during a Greymoor Estate Bivouac.

A Forest Hills Squadron Opening Cadet Formation.

Drilling from "Intro to Aerospace."
(Jim Atkinson going over "Intro" manual with Glenn LaLiberte.)

Cadets Flying out of Zahn's Airport (L.I.), with a Wing T-41.

Arrayed in CAP sartorial splendor in preparation for the
Armed Forces' Day Parade up NYC's 5th Avenue.

The CAP Cadet's Anthem
"Junior Birdmen"

Up in the air, Junior Birdmen; up in the air, upside down,
Up in the air, Junior Birdmen; with your noses to the ground.
And when you hear the grand announcement: that your wings are made of tin.
Well, then you know, Junior Birdmen, it's time to send your box tops in.
For it takes: 5 box tops, 4 bottle bottoms, 3 coupons, 2 wrappers, and one thin dime!

  • Make a face mask each time you sing the words, "Junior Birdmen" by lacing your fingers under the chin, then twisting your hands outwards so that you make goggles for the eyes with your thumbs and index fingers.
  • On "Upside down," perform a jet plane swoop outstretched arms.
  • On "Ground," bring the swooping arms as near to the ground as possible.

Please note: This web page is a personal web page of Michael J. Loudis, containing photographs from the three years he was a CAP cadet. He is not now associated with Civil Air Patrol nor is this page or documented activities officially endorsed by any CAP organization. The pictures are for the enjoyment and entertainment of his friends, students, and anyone interested in CAP.
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