"Ain't no Slack in Space Track"

Ghazi Mustafa Loudis, atop Güzzelle, his fastest and most sure-footed Camel.
(A picture from my General Electric field engineering days.)

"Betty," the Queen of every Spacetracker's Heart.

A Winter Evening at Site.

Betty and a Half Million Starlings.

Gee, I always feel nice and warm standing here by the antenna,.....
even in the wintertime. I wonder why?

"Did someone say LUNCH???!!!!!!"

Mike, Don and Ralph, three GE-ABC/ACE graduates up to mischief.

Celebrating a major subsystem selloff with a glass of bubbly.

My Office Buddies: Bob, Paul, Bob, and John.

...with Frosty from power plant; we were often mistaken for each other.

A shot of Dave, Don, and Kay during a morning status meeting.

"Nut and Bolt Day,"
...when every able-bodied male contractor had to go up on the antenna and tighten nuts.

" Nuts??!!!......I'll have some Pistachioes please."

The Dorms.

Christmas Revelry in a Work Area

"...and what would Christmas be without Holly and a Wreath?????"

Santa Claus.

"Dammit!!! My first name is not William!!!!"

Tom T. and Wes C. inspect the antenna.

Site social directors: Rokima, Sulima and Dulcima.

"Don't mess with Mustafa"

"The end of adolescence".....I depart site for the last time.
(Randy, Paul, Me, Bob, and Dave.)

....Several Years Later, and a thousand miles further away (with Vito)

......another couple of thousand miles away with Paul and John.