Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan of Morrisville State College Dairy  CAFO 

The SUNY Morrisville’s CAFO is classified as a medium facility by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  The medium CAFO is defined as an existing or expanded facility with 200 or more but less than 750 mature cows.  As a medium facility, we are required to develop and retain on site an Agricultural Waste Management Plan (AWMP) prepared by a qualified Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) planner.

At our CAFO, at the time we wrote the Plan, there were 208 milking cows, 66 dry cows, 23 heifers less than 3 months old, 77 heifers 3 – 16 months old, and 30 heifers 17 to 24 months old. During Fall 2003 we had 176 milking cows, 29 dry cows, 126 heifers and 29 calves.  On 2/10/04 we had 159 milk cows, 23 dry cows, 107 heifers less than 15 months old (including 20 heifers less than 3 months old in the green houses ), and 51 heifers more than 15 months old (total 340 dairy heads). Currently (3/29/06) we have 224 mature cows (Dry and milked) and 188 dairy heifers.  

Also at the time we wrote the plan we were producing (per year) 1090 loads (4.36 million gallons) of liquid manure at the free stall and 782 loads (3310 tons) of solid manure at tie stall and heifer barn.  On 2/11/04 we were producing 913 loads of liquid manure (annually) at free stall and 390 loads of solid manure (annually) from the heifer barn including sheds behind the barn. The tie stall is not in use any more. Currently (3/29/06) we produce 784 loads of liquid manure (2,980,000 gallons reported by the farm manager) at free stall.

To apply manure  produced by 480.9 animal units, at the time we wrote the plan, we needed 575.2 acres of land. In other words, we needed 1.2 acres of land to spread manure produced by each animal unit.   

The deadline for the completion of our Agricultural Waste Management Plan was extended to June 30, 2004. The plan (311 pages) written by Dr. Adam Khan, AEM planner, was completed and approved by the state review committee. Appendix B, Agricultural Waste Management Plan Certification form, was signed and submitted to DEC on 3/3/04. Our CAFO AEM plan can be accessed from the following links: