EnvSci 1st aid kitRebecca Hargrave

Associate Professor


Department of Environmental Sciences

School of Agriculture, Business, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

SUNY Morrisville

Office: 202 Bicknell Hall

Mailing Address: PO Box 901, 80 Eaton St., Morrisville, NY 13408

Phone: 315-684-6239

Email: hargrajr @ morrisville.edu

ISA Certified Arborist and TRAQ



Courses Taught:

NATR 110- Measurement of Natural Resources

NATR 120- Introduction to Recreation Area Management

NATR 144- Freshmen Orientation

NATR 160- Principles of Arboriculture

NATR 161- Practices of Arboriculture

NATR 210- Dendrology

NATR 211- Forest Protection

NATR 261- Advanced Practices of Arboriculture

RREN 450- Internship Orientation


Previously taught: NATR 221- Invasive Species Management



Internship Coordinator (NATR 246 and RREN 470) for the Department of Environmental Sciences

Arboretum Liaison


Instructor in:

Natural Resources Conservation AAS

Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation AS

Renewable Resources Technology BT




Internship Informational Pages

RREN 450 and 470 Materials

NATR 246 Materials