Steps used to plant Canola



Use of Cultimulcher to prepare seed bed for Canola production


        Cultimulchers are also called Roller harrows, cultipackers, soil pulverizers, and corrugated rollers.

        Their primary purpose is to crush clods and firm the soil surface.

        They are useful for leveling and firming freshly plowed soil.

        Roller harrows are used to break surface crust, pulverize clods, firm loose soil, eliminate large air pockets, and leave the ground ready to plant.

        The smaller ridges left by rollers may help prevent crusting following heavy rains.

        The front roller gang crushes clods and levels the surface.

        The spring tooth breaks big lumps, closes large air spaces, and brings the buried clods out.

        The rear roller gang crushes the clods and leaves the surface level.